The ocean of shapelessness

The ocean of shapelessness

Sometimes to find your true self

you need to accept losing yourself for a moment

in the large ocean of shapelessness

from where souls and consciousness arise

finding shape and intent

after many a journey across the world

When you are on such a journey yourself

you sometimes need to return to the ocean of shapelessness

there you won’t know anymore very well

who and what you are

and your confines may even blur and dissolve

Even when you have almost entirely found your consciousness

even when light starts to shine through almost every limb of your body

you must sometimes let go of this consciousness

until for a moment you are in the dark and the shapeless again

and then the fear of having lost yourself will arise

anguished oppression will weight on you

but you should not fear this place of shapelessness

for diving there helps you progress on this path of self-discovery

and the day you shall know yourself entirely

you will see that place not anymore as a colourful blur

but as a place of potentialities

you will see the energy there not as an oppressing ocean

but as a place where seeds start to sprout

eager to one day assume a shape and intent of their own