Rising waters

Rising waters

You are still scared of the rising waters

that haunt your dreams since ever

you are afraid that the house where your dwell

will be drowned and that you will no longer

have the air to breathe

You are anguished that all the fields you have painfully cultivated

shall be submerged and that all your work would have been vain

But my dear, this house is not the castle of your dreams

and these fields are not the only ones you have cultivated

in a world far away from ours

the land of your spirit has become more prosperous than it ever was

your orchards produce the tastiest fruits I have ever eaten

and gold and moonstone flow into rivers at hand reach

All you need to do is call the water to you

and ride the crest of the wave fearlessly

until the sun warms your limbs enough to thaw

and you retrieve the fluidity of motion you once had

then you will just flap your wings

and rise over the land and the ocean

and fly to your promised kingdom