Knotted throat – The sun and the moon

Knotted throat - The sun and the moon

You carry a scalpel

that is heart-shaped

and I bear a lit candle

that is as pointed

as a pin needle

We are tied by a bond

deeper than life itself

and whenever we hold hand

creation ensues

we are creatures of power

and doom

and life after life

we have met again

to fulfil our destiny

Each time we have united our hands

life has parted us again in pain

and the burden we now carry

would be too heavy for a sole man

That is why we have decided

to attack the source of evil

at its root

you shall slice the old putrefied layers

while I bring you the light to see

and warm your trembling hands

I shall cauterize and sew anew the bleeding skin

while you wrap the wound in a gauze of love

and transform our screams of pain

in tears of laughter and joy

And thus we are united once again

in this holy mission

we are bringing forth

till we can celebrate our success

in one another’s arms

And then the sun of our heart

will shine anew

and light our face the moon

with the most beautiful hues