Healing the wound – Choosing new names

Healing the wound - Choosing new names

The wound is healing at last

and the rabbit and the turtle meet again

at the finish line

separating the world

from the realm of our dream

Now it is the sun that lights you directly

and the moon dwells in me

for a moment our polarities

have been inverted

to balance even further

a little dragon that has been set free

stands on my shoulder

all along it dwelt inside your heart

trapped within an endless maze

of walled galleries

but the fear that prevented your hand

from opening the only door he could not break

is gone

and now the dragon roams

in freedom around the world

whispering your thoughts in my ear

and my feelings to your heart

After the endless days of haze

it has finally rained

and a rainbow

now lights our faces

uniting us within its symphony of colours

Our fears are dead and buried

and we are reborn with a new name

a name that is closer than it has ever been

to the true name of our soul

and we are now able to find beauty

and music in every hue that paints itself

and in every word we write



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