Crystal and fire

Crystal and fireIn whatever you do and you seek

purity must be obtained now

purity of intent

and purity of understanding

meaning that your acts must not be driven by fear

and when the fear is too strong

learn to see and recognize it

and train to escape its shadowy influence

for when you dwell in fear

you are wearing distorting eye-glasses

you are perceiving the world in black and white

when it is filled with colours

and the haze and the smoke around you

prevent you from understanding where you are

When clouds start flocking around the sun

hiding its warming light from your heart

do not panic and despair, nay

try to bring motion to your body and your spirit

rise and dance a waltz

plunge your hands into the dough

of the bread you are baking

to feed your mind, to feed your heart

and as your limbs twirl

a renewed wind shall blow

and carry all the clouds away

and your beloved sun

shall warm you again

more deeply than it ever had before