Faeziyo and Maeriyë

A long time in the past I was living already

with another name and another face

Faeziyo, that’s how they called me

but deep down my heart shone with the same colours

as it now shines

Back then I fell in love with Maeriyë

it was the strongest love I had ever felt

her face was to me as beautiful as that of an angel

and her voice could make me laugh and cry

and transport me to the land of her dreams

We were not supposed to fall in love with another

we belonged to two different nations

to warring tribes, she was an aristocrat and I was a poor man

she belonged to the upperworld and I came from a place in between worlds

Despite our differences our love was the brightest and the purest

that ever shone in the land of our hearts

We met in the most unusual of circumstances

and afterwards we could never be parted

from one another thoughts and hearts

sometimes one gaze was enough to fulfil the hunger of one another we felt

she hid into the trees to spy on me as I cut some wood for my village

and she sang me songs of distant lands and sadness and joy

I came as close to her hamlet as I dared to see her eyes, to see her face

And sometimes the forest wrapped us in its secrecy

and we knew we could love one another in peace

we felt such a longing to look into one another’s eyes

to touch one another hands and skins and unite for a moment

before being parted again

We had met only a few months ago

but it was like we had been looking for one another life after life

without her I could never find my happiness

and without me she could not be seen as she truly were

and it was in one another’s eyes we obtained the recognition and the comprehension

we had always looked for and never found before

She was as grave and wise as the oldest of trees

and she could be as young and merry and light

as the youngest of sprouts that danced in the wind

and I was as intense as a wild fire that moves across the land on its own

and I could be as tender as a quiet pond that bathes the roots of an enormous tree

she was the air I breathed and I was the soil she grew into

one without the other, there was no joy for us

But we had found one another and all was well

All was well until we were discovered

I do not recall how it all went, but it was very tragic

we were not supposed to see and speak to one another

and even less to be lovers and embrace

one another’s heart and body and mind

so entirely that we became one

nay, those things were forbidden to us even if we braved them every day

the jealousy and greed and lack of compassion of our fellow tribesmen lost us

we had committed the irreparable and now punishment fell

a man of her village had discovered and denounced her to her father

following her as she was taking one of her nightly strolls in the forest

thinking he’d obtain in exchange a reward, her hand or some money

or perhaps he was solely moved by what he considered as chastity

Her father then decided to exact revenge and clear his honour

and he asked the other tribe to hand over the culprit, me

my own fellowmen, horrified by my lack of decency and by my arrogance

delivered me to them without further stories

avoiding another bloodbath between the villages

and there I sat in the night’s cold on the floor awaiting the judgement

that would take place in the form of a pickaxe on my neck on the next morning

with some broken bones already that prevented me to think so painful they had grown

Maeriyë was held prisoner by her father

he had told her she’d obtain her salvation by publicly denouncing me

accusing me of having raped her and of all the worst possible things

she begged her mother to intervene and stop it all

to bring some compassion and reason into her father’s heart

she wanted to marry this man they had condemned

she loved him of the deepest and the purest love

but her mother was afraid of her husband and she said none

after all, when they’d find her a suitable husband

Maeriyë would forget that wretched man, wouldn’t she?

and that was how her mother reassured herself, half-convinced of her own lie

Early morning the entire village gathered around Faeziyo, around me

the father of Maeriyë said in a few words of what I was accused

and all the men of the village shouted that I deserved to die

then her father said to her

“Tell them how horrible this man has been to you”

but Maeriyë looked at him with defiance and fierceness

and she broke the line where she had been standing

coming close to where I laid on the ground

“If this man is to be executed, I shall die with him because I love him”

“Are you crazy my daughter?” her father shouted

And her mother begged her to come back

but Maeriyë came even closer to me and she kissed me gently on my lips

and her kiss took away all the pain and the despair I had been feeling

“Don’t you want to live, don’t you want to go back?” I asked her, begged her

but I knew the answer deep down into my heart

I knew she would remain with me

She looked into my eyes and for a moment I was very far in a place of timelessness

I lost myself into her gaze and barely listened to what the villagers were saying

“Treason, treason,” they were shouting, “she deserves to die too, she is a witch”

“She is a witch, she is a witch,” they repeated, “let her die with the wretch”

“How could she ever go with him, someone railed, he is so ugly”

“Let them both die”

“Come back my daughter, come back”

“A witch, a witch and a mongrel, let’s burn them together so that they rot in hell”

They lit a fire around us and we were soon surrounded by flames

And for the last time Maeriyë sang, she sang an unearthly song

the most beautiful words and melody she had never composed

while looking into my eyes and smiling, as her eyes moistened with tears

“We shall meet again one day she said,

we shall meet again and then nothing will part us”

It sounded like a promise and soon the fire started to consume us

I held her hand and I repeated “we shall meet again

and avenge ourselves and let our love triumph over everything else”

And tragic was the fate Maeriyë and Faeziyo met

but even the flames and the pain could not destroy their love

and could not make them lose the path to one another’s heart

Maeriyë could have saved herself, she could have lived

but she had chosen to come die together with me

I was already half broken into my body, into my bones

and she lent me her own strength and her own faith

And it is her heroic act that made her song survive

and still be recalled nowadays as what true love can be



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