Arno and Syrtanyelle

Arno and Syrtanyelle

Arno and Syrtanyelle

did not know they had been betrothed to one another

before birth

In two faraway lands they grew

and nothing presaged their paths would one day cross

except the fate that bonded them to one another

One choice after another, one step after the next

their boughs grew closer and closer

Arno carried the lore of Falnë within him

while Syrtanyelle danced with the grace of Melroel

Arno was always delving into the past and the future

forgetting about the existence of his body even

and Syrtanyelle brought him the immediacy and the intensity

he had never found anywhere else

They could both read through one another like an open book

for they saw the same light that shone within the other’s eyes

in their own heart

And that’s how Syrtanyelle started to find her voice again

and sing the purest and most beautiful songs that were ever heard

and Arno learnt how to move his being and his face with grace

becoming the skilled dancer Syrtanyelle had always dreamt of