Lightgaze lighthouse

In the middle of a salt desert lies Oasië

the country all around is burnt and deadened by the sun

and no one would ever expect to find a heaven in such a living hell

When you are looking for Oasië

the eyes of the mountain guide you like a lighthouse in the night

it shines in the distance

as you journey across the desert of salt

You need not look around you for guidance

when you are lost under a tent

in endless plains

battered by a burning wind

for the light to follow lies inside your heart

and the only condition to see Oasië

is to accept to stare into the gaze

the mirror shows back to you

Only those who accept to see themselves entirely

only those who embrace both their shadows and their light

can find Oasië and bathe into its refreshing waters

and taste its delightful fruits

the peaches and the grapes

the citruses and the dates of Oasië

are famous all around the world

without mentioning its tomatoes and its cucumbers and its eggplants

which nourish themselves of all the salt within the ground

and the ever shining sun that lets no winter obscure the land

The plants reach impressive heights there

and they are always bearing flowers and fruits

for the delight of the dweller and the passerby

How can Oasië survive in a lifeless desert you may wonder

and that is one of the great mysteries of Falnë

which shows what the magic of truth and love can perform

and how the spirit solely

can reshape and brighten the land

creating thriving life where there was none