Not content with having brought a whole nation to its ruin

and having put an end to the world as our forefathers knew it

you have escaped the fall of Ychrentiyë in a cowardly way

and you are now continuing to spoil and wreck

all what your gaze touches

Your gifts and your sense of humanity have been forgotten

and you now entirely incarnate the monster you have become

bringing darkness and destruction wherever you go

You have been deaf and blind to my words for ages

and long since I have renounced to the hope

that you would one day love me as much as I love you

And since the fall of Ychrentiyë I have even lost faith in your redemption

you will not repent of your acts as long as you are alive

and you will continue to sow murder and evil

until someone puts an end to who you are

And even if my heart cries

who better than me can bring that deed to its end

Many have tried to track and stop you

and they have all failed and lost their lives

for no one can compete with the devil itself

no one can challenge you in your ruthlessness and in your strange ability to harm

however I know the shrivel of wisewoman that still hides deep down in your heart

better than anyone else, and I will not confront you on your strong ground

nay, I have no taste for bloodsheds and forceful duels

how will I take your life and put an end to you, then?

you will sneer out loud since you have forgotten your weakest spot

always you have spat on my love for you

always you have mocked me for calling this love strong and powerful

but of a different kind of power you like to use and abuse of

and now I shall finally prove to you what you have always refused to see and believe in

and I will show you the strength and the courage that inhabit the heart of a man of peace

a man you have scorn all your life long for being incapable of holding a weapon

tomorrow at dawn, I shall go out one last time over the moors

to see the sun rise behind the mountains

and there I shall lie in the dewy grass and admire the colours

of the land and the sky

feel the stroke of a gentle spring breeze on my skin

and lament one last time what my life could have been

the happiness that could have been mine but that I never touched

I will inspire a few breaths, close my eyes and watch for the last time

the story of my life

I have lived in a particular era where the old balance of the world has been destroyed

replaced by a new balance that forces humans to more labour and less creativity

I have witnessed the destruction of Ychrentiyë and the fall of Falnë as it used to be known

I have seen the woman I loved and still love and will always love go mad

and become the most hated and feared figure in the history of the world

I have seen her scorn me and reject me so many times

without any considerations for the hurt she inflicted me

denying even the existence of such a thing called pain, as for her only strength exists

and now by stopping to breathe my heart will go still in a moment

and my body will grow cold and hard as the clouds run in the sky

and the sun journeys toward his horizon

Falnë will lose yet another wiseman, but the times of wisdom and magic have ended

and the times of craft and labour have started

there is little use for me in the new Falnë

by taking away my life, by killing the shrivel of you that is still alive in my heart

this tiny part of you that could not succumb to corruption

I am also taking away your life, for you cannot live once all love has departed

I was the one maintaining you in life and in strength through this pure love I felt for you

I was the only one who still knew the truth of you that hides underneath all the darkness

and once I am gone, you will feel your heartbeat growing weaker and weaker

and your hands will start to sweat and your mind will be incapable of reflect

your legs will grow so weak they cannot carry you

and you will slowly assist to your own death, a death no doctor can stop

and suddenly you will understand, you will understand that since the start you had a tremendous weakness

you could not ignore nor suppress

you lived only because I lived and I loved

for long I even refused to see that myself, I could not fathom taking away my life to bring your fall

Fear and hope still made me cling to life, and now I realize I should have done it long ago

If only I had been stronger and more enlightened I could have prevented the fall of Ychrentiyë

and yet, what is the sense of regretting the past

probably if not through your hands, there would have been another tyrant that would have caused as much damage to the world as you did

as the wisdom of men and women has been fast abandoning them in the last centuries

Before to depart from the world, I will pardon myself

pardon myself for killing myself and together with me the woman I love

pardon myself for not having done it before

I will breathe one last time the perfume of wild flowers

and say one last prayer for you, for the person you could have been

for her I will shed a tear, before falling forever asleep

farewell my love, farewell

I would have liked to meet you under other circumstances


this song won’t arrive to your ears before you pass away

but you are feeling it in the walled depth of your heart as I sing it

farewell my love, farewell

and may you reawaken to your true nature before stillness seizes you