The silver dragon

The silver dragon

guards the iron mine

long ago he has been cast from the ore

and he has taken life of his own

“You shall not pass,” to the passerby he says

the adventurer might try to defy the dragon

or sneak in behind his back to see what treasures the mine hides

but the dragon cannot be fooled

his sight combined with his scent and his strength

are enough to catch any intruder

there is an only way to step into the mine

and that is singing a song so beautiful

the dragon travels to the land of compassion and love

so ensnared is he by the melody of your heart

and then the iron mine will be yours to use

and build all the tools you wish to have

and all the towers and the towns

you envision in your imagination

and thus life makes sure

you are wise enough before finding the iron mine of your heart

and as you grow into your own song more and more

one day you will be able to fly the dragon

to the realms beyond the confines of your dream