Groundedness is not static

nay, it is a dance you slowly learn to perform

Answers in black and white are to be banished

for there is beauty, there are colours

to find in each and every thing of your life

All what your soul guides you to do and to crave

will help you expand your repertoire of steps

Some things will cause you to hate yourself

each time you do them

and many times you will try to stop doing them altogether

to block them out from your persona

calling them shadows of darkness

However shadows are here to guide you

toward your truth

tolerate them, accept them, embrace them

while understanding them

which side of yourself are you rejecting

causing it to manifest in a distorted and negative way

Rejecting parts of yourself is never the solution

for happiness lies in wholeness and not in fragmentation

your shadows are not bringing you happiness either

in their current form

Nay, they are not bringing you happiness, but they are leading you to happiness

for they are helping you integrate what has been blocked for a very long time

why was this side of your persona blocked you might wonder

whether it goes back to a wound suffered in childhood or in a past existence

it blocks you from performing again the same action that has caused the pain

making you clumsy and lame in your walk

Patience is now required for your understanding to expand

until the light in your shadows grows

and you find anew all the colours and the beauty

you did not even remember possessing once

One day will come when you will understand where your shadows stemmed from

and how helpful they were in leading you to wholeness

and helping you embrace

the different sides of your truth

One day will come when your dance will become so perfect and spectacular

it will flow like a river and the rustle of the wind in the trees and bird singing

then, it will mean that you have reconciled yourself with your deeper nature

bringing union to your feelings and your thoughts, your actions and your dream

and becoming part of the landscape as much as

the land has become part of you