The choreography is slowly putting itself in place

the seeds of a new world to come have been sown

and the sprouts are growing into trees

Dancers are finding their own space

with enough room for each movement

to become as graceful as the flight of birds

The ë can now freely flow bridging the soul and the body and the heart

and each dancer irradiates its own light and love into the world

blowing the darkness away to reveal beauty and fairness

Dancers come in pairs of two that are called one dancer

together they form a perfect circle, a man and a woman

who are perfectly balanced

their eyes shine with the same light

and their faces flow into one another

so that when you look at them from afar

you only see one shining dancer

Each pair of dancers has its own gift, its own skill

making it unique and irreplaceable

Together, all dancers are synchronized and their dance is awe-inspiring

not only for other humans but also for animals and plants

and stones and mountains and rivers

this dance has the power to rekindle the flame in each being

changing them from within