Finding new meanings

Find meanings even when there are none

In life you are often confronted

to things that are incomprehensible

and meaningless to you

Your task is to keep on digging

until you discover new meanings there

try looking upon the world

with a fresh gaze every morning

let go of prejudices and misconceptions

so that you are not limited

in your thoughts and your inspirations

If you wish to go forward

on the path of self-discovery

and if you desire your dream

to become one day real

then train yourself to see

beyond the visible and the obvious

listen to the silent whispers of stones

and those of hearts in the wind

discover the beauty and the love

that lie in everything around you


In times of yore all forms of art were used

to express the ideas that could not yet be grasped

in the shapes and the colours

that appeared on the canvas

the painter could read and discover

what he could not have understood otherwise

Indeed only an intricate dance

of the mind and the heart

and the intellect and the body

might lead you forward along this path

If you favour one over the other

you will arrive at a point where you shall stall

until when you renew your balance

by delving deeper into your understanding

and changing the pace of your dance

Learn using your gift in its entirety

and not just the bits you are familiar with

grow into yourself each day more

and soon the gates of heaven

will be open for you