Savannah of colours

Savannah of colours

The reality you perceive in your spirit

is often quite confused

you are not sure of where the trees begin

and where their reflections start

colours are too vivid sometimes

and your eyes are not used

to look at so much intensity

you do not know which roots belong to which trees

and you ignore from which part of your being do they stem

and when you are confronted with such a muddle

you sometimes retreat in fright

leaving the study of your spirit for another day

However time after time you are confronted again

with the need to distinguish the false from the true

the illusion from the reality

the expectation from the dream

and you are forced to come back to the wild gardens of your spirit

you try to touch the water surface

but it recoils at your gesture

and you are left with thin air in your hand

not only is this place confusing, but its behaviour is also tricky

And yet eventually things start making more sense

you get used to these strange lands

and you avoid hurting yourself

by scratching against poisonous thorns

and falling into chasms

you learn to walk on paths as thin as a rope

with the balance and the grace of a dancer

you step lightly on the ground, almost brushing it

or gliding on it

and instead of looking at the treacherous things around

you keep your eyes focused on your heart

And that’s how you start moving forward

abandoning the places of your spirit where you had thought

you’d live all your life, one dance of balance after another

slowly you arrive in more welcoming places

and the landscapes start reflecting

the new-found love within your heart