Colourful dust

There was a time back in the past

when the dust was colourful

instead of being gray and dull

it grew in houses

like moss grows on trees and on rocks

and coral at the bottom of the sea

Back then the dust wasn’t swept away from the floor

it assumed different colourations

sometimes it was golden like gold power

other times it took a luminescence that reminisced of the moon

and shone even in the dark

it could also choose any other colour of the rainbow

and be green and blue and red and orange and purple

As the colourful dust accumulated

inhabitants marvelled before its beauty

and they thanked the heavens for so much grace

At the time the ë that flowed in houses made them alive

and that was what made dust so vibrant

whereas nowadays it is as dead as dwellings are

There were men and women who found themselves a gift

to make the most colourful dust sprout

and these individuals were called dusters

as those who tend to a garden are called gardeners

Each form and colour of dust had different preferences

some liked to be exposed to sunlight

while others were fond of seeing the rain fall

some instead needed pitch-black conditions

and others craved the sound of music the dusters played for them


There were other persons too who depended on dust sprouting

and those were the painters who could prepare most of their pigments

from the dust they picked up in various corners of their and their neighbour’s houses

Painting, like storytelling and songwriting and velkyrië playing

was one of the sacred arts, one of the greater gifts

and through the channel of the eyes

it had the power of speaking directly to the hearts and the souls of others

Nowadays painting has lost some of its strength

as dust colours have been replaced

by various pigments tediously extracted from nature

and the heart of painters is not as pure as it used to be

and their hand is no longer loyal to their inner truth