The seven lost crowns

Falnë of old was more alive than you could ever imagine

not only were each city grown from the land and the rock and the forest

but all the cities together formed the body of Falnë

which functioning resembled that of a human being

each city had a different role, was another organ, another crown

and in particular there were what used to be called the seven crowns

that have now been lost and almost forgotten

at the time these crowns played a crucial role

for the men who wanted to become wizards

and the women who wanted to turn into witches

travelling to these crowns helped them grow into their true selves

and unlock all the powers that were dormant in them

Now that the seven crowns have disappeared

there are no longer witches and wizards in Falnë

and their lore is getting lost

and all the marvels they built and wrought

are becoming a matter of legend