The music of the velkyrië

When the music of the velkyrië resounds

all the other sounds cease to exist

its melody is as beautiful and eerie

as the dance of emotions in the heart of the musician

one note after another

he weaves the landscapes of his inner world

and makes us travel into our own depths


Playing the velkyrië is as sacred as singing of Falnë

only few can master this instrument

and make it become their second voice

However once they do, they start speaking

not to the minds of men and women

but to their hearts and their souls

If you are gifted with the velkyrië

you have a holy duty to bring your music

to the doorstep of every heart

And remember that you have the power

to bring down walls and bridge impassable gaps


But first you need to grow into yourself

and transform your body at the image of how the velkyrië is

Let the four winds blow through you

and do not fear any form of melody

The velkyrië is open to all the repertoires

it does not shy away from the slow lament of tears

nor from the burning anger of a drumming heart

and that’s how you must become

before your music reaches its true power

And as the ë starts flowing through all your limbs

the gaps between your notes

will be filled with the light of love