Ruined villages

Ruined villages

Ages ago two hamlets stood

from both sides of a deep cliff

and their bonds were so tight

they formed a sole village

All the inhabitants of Siruwyë were male

while those who lived in Uwyë were female

The mill was in Siruwyë

as its hill was more exposed to the winds

and the aqueduct brought the water to Uwyë

which was closer to the mountains

Two undergrounds connected the two hamlets

indeed, as the well of Uwyë replenished with water

it also filled the well of Siruwyë

and the women and the men

could chant in joy at the same time

when the water finally rushed in

putting an end to summer’s drought

Both hamlets cultivated different sorts of grain

that they stored in another stone tunnel

well-preserved from water and humidity

and the men carried the women’s sacks into their villages

grinding them at the mill

before splitting the harvest in two equal parts

keeping a half and bringing the other half back in the tunnel

so the woman would find it grinded the next morning

and the men did the same with their own harvest

giving half of it to the women

Thus the men of Siruwyë and the women of Uwyë never saw one another

even though they lived in perfect understanding

Only once during the year did they meet

one year the gathering took place in Siruwyë

and the next year it happened in Uwyë

and it took place on the longest day of the year

and together they spent the night that transformed

spring into summer

seeds into plants

hopes into acts

and dreams into reality

Women and men met during the day

and they ate and feasted together

and at night each husband joined his wife

after the children had been left to play together

Afterwards, the infants that would be born of Uwyë and Siruwyë’s union

would remain to grow up with the women if they were girls

and they would join the men if they were boys

each hamlet raised its own children

and when the children came of age

the girls and the boys would already know each other well

Each year a ceremony happened

on the same day as the great meeting occurred

and each girl coming of age would whisper

the name of the boy she desired to marry

and each boy would do the same with the girl he loved

and since ever, the girls of Uwyë and the boys of Siruwyë

had been divinely assisted

and the choice of each always coincided

sometimes a girl chose a boy who was younger and who hadn’t yet come of age

and then she would remain in celibacy until he’d come of age and could choose her in turn

When women got pregnant

they carried their baby until the end of winter

so that they would be able to plant their fields in the beginning of spring

and harvest them at the end of summer

The love that flowed between the men of Siruwyë and the women of Uwyë was perfect

nobody would ever think of deceiving or cheating their spouse

and the day they met they lit bonfires and danced and sang

but they never drank themselves to oblivion

there was a restrain and a wisdom that have now been lost

it wasn’t out of sacrifice they acted in that way

but because they knew that remaining apart all year long

would help them grow into themselves and uncover more and more of their gift

indeed the day they met husbands and wives spent all morning long

discussing of their progress in life, of their new understandings

and it is only in the evening they started the merry feast

and when women and men laid together

they also spoke their hearts with one another in the intimacy of the night

all the sadness and the anger that had been troubled them all year long

all the joy and the elation they had felt, they shared

In that way, only the most important and essential was spoken out

and all the rest was kept within all year long

for life was known to be a solitary journey

where each individual needed to understand his own truth on his own


One day however the cliff between the two hamlets became treacherous

it grew dark and eerie and instead of the usual torrent

that peacefully sang of melting snow and falling rain at its bottom

a huge wave carrying mud and uprooted trees and fallen corpses

engulfed the entire valley in its horror

destroying the bridge that connected the two villages when the feast took place in spring

And at the same time the earth shook violently and the tunnels crumbled

and thus all communication was lost between Uwyë and Siruwyë

the crops were destroyed, as were the aqueduct and the mill

The men of Siruwyë and the women of Uwyë tried to rise again from the rubbles

but fate revealed the strongest, and each time they thought they would finally bring back life to normal

a new calamity fell upon them, until when even the strongest of will surrendered

and thus Uwyë and Siruwyë were abandoned and they fell into disrepair


The men of Siruwyë and the women of Uwyë

never knew what had been the cause of their loss

for they lived at a great distance of other inhabited places

and they had no tidings about how the world was going, and why suddenly things had so dramatically changed

they ignored that the other crowns of Falnë had been destroyed

and that without them, Uwyë and Siruwyë could not live

They ignored that the ë had stopped flowing into the world as it used to

but they felt that their bodies and their minds had much less vigour than in the past

and they attributed it to the direness they were going through

The inhabitants of Uwyë and Siruwyë didn’t know that theirs was a crown city

the last crown city to fall

Uwyë and Siruwyë could not live on their own, and they needed one another to survive

to be a city, a crown of Falnë

but once the bond between the women and the men was broken

once the two hamlets could no longer reach to one another

everything went wrong, and the last times of the two hamlets were marked by very dark happenings

that are better not be recalled in songs

The fate of Siruwyë and Uwyë had been tragic, as had been the case in many other places of Falnë

All the places that relied on the ë, all the places where a form or another of magic existed

were doomed to be wiped away as their sap of life abandoned them

like a fruit cut down from its tree and left on the floor to rot in the sun

thus the crown cities of Falnë each rotted

and the wizards and the witches that had been so powerful once

grew suddenly as powerless and helpless as everyone else

except that they had the fates of cities and thousands upon thousands of souls on their hands

That is not entirely true, for the witches and wizards of old would have kept their power

but from generation to generation their understanding of truth and love was weakened

and they continued having powers because they learnt about them, and the ë still favoured them

but as the ë retreated from the world, they became like empty shells


Now if you ever visit Uwyë and Siruwyë

you will find that the valley separating them is peaceful again

and inside the hamlets you will discover the ruins of what they once had been

one day Uwyë and Siruwyë shall come back to life

and provide again a heaven of peace for all the souls wishing to grow in quietness

but this day has not arrived yet, as all the other crowns must be rekindled

before the sap of life bridges Siruwyë and Uwyë again into the last crown city they were meant to be