The name of Falnë

In later years Falnë has started to designate

a small land of lakes and mountains

on the border of the Fyriyë Ocean

But at the beginning of times Falnë was not the name of a bounded land

Falnë was the name of all lands, the name of the entire world as it used to be

As the ancient oaths were broken

and the world started falling to darkness

the inhabitants of most lands ceased recognizing themselves as Falnë

they stopped even remembering what Falnë was

The heaviness of their thoughts, the duskiness of their beliefs

reshaped the world in another fashion

for, consciously or unconsciously, the sum of all our thoughts

affects matter and can change the face of the physical world

The El and the Elle were not strong enough to hold the world together

they could not overcome the barrier that was becoming stronger and stronger between their hearts

and they eventually wavered and abandoned the world to itself