The human egg

The life of a soul within a human being is a metaphor of all the stages of existence it went through

at first it is an atom, a molecule

a spermatozoid and an ovule which have no will of their own and will move where the current brings them

when the spermatozoid and the ovule meet a new creation ensues

and the foetus becomes like a plant that grows its body in darkness, searching for the light

as months pass it grows more and more sensitive and its heart start beating and its mind starts forming

and it gives its first sign of life to his mother

and the day of his birth he pass into a new dimension, he starts to feel all sorts of emotions and instincts he progressively learns to master

and as time passes, he becomes more and more conscious of his own boundaries and of being an individual

the soul grows into the body as reflection and emotions become natural

the child grows into a teen who grows into an adult, and each transformation is symbolic of the growth in awareness of the soul as it becomes more and more conscious of its own gift and learns to use it

until all fears of the unknown have disappeared and the man and the woman embrace the angel they will together become