The growth of souls

Each atom around you is inhabited with a soul

the walls and the floor, the air your breathe and the skin of your body

there are countless number of souls

most of them are in a very infant stage

their physical representation, the atom, simply exists and vibrates

tying itself to other atoms, or erring freely

entirely bound by the fundamental laws of nature

As countless lifetimes elapse, some atom souls awaken to their higher nature

and instead of inhabiting atoms, they start to dwell into more complex structures

they tie themselves to molecules, and in addition of the most basic laws of nature

they experience the change of state becoming gaseous, solid and liquid

and slowly they get familiar with their new boundaries, until when the molecule soul grows mature

and the soul decides to bond itself with even more complex structures, rocks and pieces of wood and clouds and any other short or long lived element

at that stage, souls grow more and more aware of their own existence, because they come in contact with higher forms of life

rocks are used to build cathedrals and they are carved into statues and the process of being transformed, metamorphosed, not by laws of nature but by human hands stir something in them

the longing to become truly alive is stronger and stronger until the cathedral soul and the grotto soul are ready to push their limits another step farther

they will no longer be shaped by others, but they will give themselves their own shapes, grow their own bodies

the soul now starts tying itself to all sorts of vegetals, herbs, algae and trees

it learns to grow its own body and with it the soul discovers all the laws of the living that differ from the laws of the inanimate

now the soul has the pressure to keep itself alive, find water and minerals with its roots, follow the sun with its branches and drop its foliage in time before the first winter frosts

the soul now is active on two levels, it exists, and it controls its own shape, its own life

for thousands and thousands of years the soul continues experimenting with the confines of trees, choosing very different lifestyles, from sprouting into a pot to growing on unclimbable mountains, yielding fruits and flowers and thorns and developing comestible and bitter barks

but after being in so close contact with birds and butterflies and grazers and squirrels and humans, a new desire starts to grow into the tree soul

growing their own shape is no longer enough for the soul, it now wants to move it, it wants to dance and fly not only to obey the wind’s will, it wants to experience a new level of consciousness

and so the soul now ties itself to all sorts of animals, it tries being a mosquito and a giraffe, a cat and a dog, a bird and a fish

and slowly, the soul familiarizes itself with all sorts of new powers it did not have before

it can now hear and produce sounds of its own will, it can see all the colours of the world

as a tree, its focus was inward, but now as an animal its focus becomes more outward

it learns to move and run on feet, it learns to fly and to swim

and the need to actively survive, tracking other animals to eat them, searching for grassy meadows where to graze, fleeing from other larger animals and building its own dens develop the soul’s capacity for reflection

and it starts learning the range of basic emotions too, it discovers companionship and anger and sadness and compassion and love

by living into communities of animals and by coming into contact with humans too

cats and dogs and horses even grow into companionship with humans

and slowly a new desire awakens in the animal soul

it has now explored all the planes of physical existence, by having existed and learnt its contour, grown its body and learnt to survive, and later discover motion and emotions

but now there is something else the animal soul longs for

it has experienced basic levels of invention and presence, but most often in predetermined shapes

it has never been able to freely create, not at the material level, nor in the realm of ideas

the added complexity of humans draw the animal soul

and soon it starts experience life as a human being

slowly, it learns its new confines

not only does it grow its own body and masters motion and become conscious of its own existence and learn to survive

but it comes upon the most complex ranges of emotions that weigh more heavily on it than when it was an animal, and it discovers the full meaning of laughing and crying and loving

it also starts being able to create much more complex shapes outside from its own body, building tools and crafts and machines and temples, but also writing books and painting canvases and playing music

and the soul discovers it can even question its own existence, and the meaning of life

after having gone through stages of existence and growth and motion and reflection and emotion now the human soul starts learning about the confines of creation that can happen inside the mind and in the world, fuelled by reflection and by emotions

and one day, the human starts to intuit he has a soul, that he has an immortal essence that will outlive death, and a gift that allows him to love and create in a unique way

and then, this understanding goes further and deeper, and the human understands his soul has been ever growing for ages

and now the human has become conscious enough to meet with his own soul and let it grow within himself, and thus his exploration of his confines continue

today the human world is almost on the verge of a change where instead of being focused on rational survival instincts such as attaching a lot of importance for money and careers and possessions

it will grow on a spiritual level, and life after life, each human being will feel more and more that letting his soul, his immortal core, grow into himself, is an integral part of his fulfilment

there already are some human beings who are undergoing this process of letting go of their basic instincts driven by fear, and instead embracing their higher intuitions stemming from love

when all fears have been eliminated, the wall separating the human from the soul falls, and the soul grows so much into the human, and the human embraces so perfectly its soul that they become the same thing and the soul needs no longer to find another body for it has finally found perfect shoe to its foot

and then the human becomes an angel, a human soul who is completely awakened to its divine nature of love and truth, and who has entirely mastered its gift, and who’s ready to now experience creation at a higher level, outside from the dimension we know