Songs of Falnë

Other nations of the north and the south frown upon the songs of Falnë

calling them poems at best

or prose written in verses at worse

for our poetry does not obey any of the rules they have set

verses do not rhyme and they are of various breadths

words are not sophisticated and flowered

but plain and honest as we of Falnë are

what the critics of other nations do not understand

is that our poems are all songs on the energetic plane

and when they are sang from the heart, words are transformed

and they dance in the air and take a life of their own

that no ordinary poem will ever embody

Indeed the poems of Falnë let the ë flow between the words

and make them greater than they would otherwise be

if they were surrounded by a protective walls limiting the songwriter’s freedom

and blocking him to feel the words within the very depth of his heart

Sing the poem of Falnë

and do not care about what the rest of the world says

for they each emit their own light

and add up one to another to shine as brightly as a sun

once you have sang them all