Broken oaths

Do you believe that I will break my vows to follow each and every of your whims

do you think you deserve my trust when you have betrayed me over and over again

do you fret and cry and storm around when I reject your demands and I ignore you

My dear, this is why we cannot continue to function as a sacred couple as long as you do not grow in wisdom and consideration

and the world we together held will fall apart

It is tragic for the people who lived there and depended on us

but I can no longer yield to your blackmail

I won’t sacrifice myself any longer as I used to because it is harming me a little more deeply each time

and soon I will be consumed in pain if I don’t stop myself right now, as long as I still have the strength to take a decision

My dear, what is wrong does not become right because you ask it from me

despite all the fondness and the love I still and will always have for you


And thus the El and the Elle

the two basic principles of the world

have stopped dancing in harmony with one another as they used to

they have retreated to one corner of the universe each, refusing to talk to one another any longer

sulking like you would expect teenagers to, and not a god and a goddess

but after all they have created the world at their image

and they may also behave as children at times

Since that moment, the world has not been the same place anymore

and the ë that used to flow in quantity from the El to the Elle principles of all what exists

has become a trickle that can barely keep the world alive

and the sacred bond between Falnë and Melroë, or Falnyelle and Melroel

has been broken too and all communication between the two lands has been lost