The wall between worlds

The wall between worlds

There is a wall surrounding our world

keeping us apart from the infinite well of power of the universe

in times of yore this wall used to be much thinner and much more porous

but now the influence of the great power has been reduced to a mere trickle

infusing everything that lives with the sap of life

but keeping away from us the power to transform and create


Old Falnë called the great power the ë

this force that is in each of us

and gives us the breath of life

both in the physical and the spiritual realms

connecting all the planes of existence together

That is why all names of women and men and places

and flowers and trees and animals

bore the ë within them

as a reminder that everyone and everything

came from the same source

and shared the same roots


In the wall that encloses you within yourself

you might discover a gate if you journey far into your depth

and then you will meet a much greater source of ë than you were used to

this power will flow in your body and in your mind

bringing both suffering and healing

for it will relentlessly uncover your blockages and your nodes

confronting you with your worst fears and wounds

until they all are eliminated and healed

and then the ë will be able to stream

between your heart and your mind and your soul

bridging them much more closely than they were before

And then new powers shall manifest in you

you will see what is not visible to the eyes

and you will hear what is not audible by the ear

and your heart and your mind will sing together

on the melody your soul plays

and your hands and your feet will dance along this heavenly music

transforming and healing all what lies around them

and creating what had never been imagined before



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