A cloak of fire

When your heart is heavy

all the pain of the world seems yours

and your hands grow so weak

they can’t handle anymore the potency of your gift

you remain helpless and sad

and in your emptiness you pray for time to pass faster

and you try to fill yourself as you can meanwhile

But what you don’t realize, son and daughter of Falnë

is that this pain and this heaviness you feel

are illusions you mistake for realities

you see a darkness in your heart

and you recoil from it in fear

instead of bringing in the light of love

and discovering what you thought ugly shadows

are harmless mists of lack of self-knowledge

When you are feeling low

never forget to wield your gift

don’t let it grow cold and dark and unused

instead make it ablaze with light and fire

and see how it envelops you in a cloak

of warmth and lightness and love

that makes each step you take seem effortless