The plains of Ummyë


The plains of Ummyë are a great, great garden

where water flows down from mountains

filling rivers and marshes and lakes

giving life to its fields and its herds and its fishes

The clouds come from over the Hië mountains

distant greetings from the ocean that cannot be seen

Where the land is the driest and the bulkiest

sheltered from the whims of watercourses

villages are built in a reddish argil brick

crafted from the clay soil all around

The inhabitants of Ummyë spend all their lives

between two sacred mountain chains

bounding and elevating their horizons

behind which the sun rises and sets

In their villages they always keep a boat or two

to travel from place to place without trampling in the mud

and catch some fishes when they pullulate in the summer

as a distant reminder of the times when

their forefathers were valiant sailors of the ocean

Still, there are a few youngsters of Ummyë

who feel the calling of the boundless open sea too strongly in their blood

those will bid farewell to their land and journey to Helyë

where they’ll get aboard the ship of their destinies