From time to time it is good to take a moment and clear the rubbles and the dust from the temple you are building in your spirit In that way you can witness all the progress that has been made and admire the beauty of your own creation for a moment allow yourself to step … Continue reading Cleaning


Groundedness is not static nay, it is a dance you slowly learn to perform Answers in black and white are to be banished for there is beauty, there are colours to find in each and every thing of your life All what your soul guides you to do and to crave will help you expand … Continue reading Grounded

Helping others

Along your way to become yourself you will come across many other souls following their own paths and at times you shall meet someone who walks on a path parallel to yours whose heart shines with colours that are somehow familiar a companionship will then develop between the two of you as you struggle with … Continue reading Helping others

Moon eye

One of your eyes is floating like a moon in the sky transforming the dullness around me into the world of my dreams new colours have appeared in your heart casting their reflections on the land and in the heaven for the utter delight of my senses Trees are sprouting all around holding the ground … Continue reading Moon eye


May the nightly wind bring my laughter to your ears May your face shine anew under the full moon’s light and may your heart dance and flutter in the wind    

Tearful eyes

When there is sadness in your heart don’t try to contain it keeping it hidden from the world and from yourself Instead let it rise into your throat and precipitate from your eyes and your tears will rain on the inner landscapes of your spirit filling its rivers and its lakes and watering its meadows … Continue reading Tearful eyes


The throat links the eyes and the chest and when the throat is blocked the face and the heart tell a different story each To come in harmony with your soul seek a deeper understanding of the gaps within you let the ë flow in your entire body to become whole and find the light … Continue reading Link

Looking at the floor

Once again we meet but I’m still too scared to look into your eyes and you’re still too afraid to embrace your innermost truth I stare at the floor and your mouth speaks words that your heart doesn’t feel and thus we keep ourselves apart from beauty and love    

Glazed eyes

Her eyes are widened and glazed she is in fear, in so much fear she’s not recognizable anymore the sea of red is still pressing around her but she has tried to surround herself in green and keep the red away from her face she has built dams and walls and harbours trying to defeat … Continue reading Glazed eyes

Giant cobweb

A giant cobweb has covered all the backyard under its threads its size is proof enough that no one has been there for ages and to my horror I see a colony of bumblebees trapped into the web I safely retreat to the building’s safety as I contemplate this strange scene I recoil from Will … Continue reading Giant cobweb


There are as many gifts as there are men and women in the world yet times will come when you will believe that there are no such things are gifts or that there are only a few sorts of gifts and that only a few men are gifted but know that this is not true, … Continue reading Gifts

Subdued light

When for a moment the light of the sun is subdued by a passing cloud the colours of sceneries around you change the forest where you are walking becomes darker the texture of meadows and mountains and clouds grows more velvety and your gaze is drawn to details you had never noticed before    

Your eyes

Your eyes are marvellous to look at through them I see the world as it truly is and in them I recognize my true self I feel all the warmth and the compassion you’re trying to convey lighting my surrounding in a multitude of colours unseen before Oh, how beautiful your promise of love is … Continue reading Your eyes

Ribbons of energy

Ribbons of energy flow all around my body they penetrate into my limbs and my muscles and my bones they flow to my heart and my spine and my head they are luminous and warm and they sow the dust of healing and love everywhere they pass    

This is me

There are two persons in me right now the sensitive child who has never grown up and the wounded teenager who is metamorphosing and healing one of them has his hand on his heart while the other likes to think and overthink one is smiling innocently and eagerly to life while the other tries to … Continue reading This is me


Read the first part of this poem on Rock bulb As soon as you surrendered to the wings of death you found yourself into the ocean of shapelessness where you remained for a long time you were aware of yourself, and you could remember of all your lives in the physical world but despite death, … Continue reading Twins

Dare to ask

When something puzzles you ask your soul ask the consciousness of the world dare to ask and in a way or in another sooner or later your question shall be answered    


If you seek the way of balance blurt out everything that weighs on your heart and let out all the thoughts that teem in your mind understanding comes only after self-expression and in the footsteps of understanding healing quietly walks turning darkness into light along its path