Do not kill the ants

that come visit your dwelling

In their own way

they are showing you the path to follow

to your own ant hole

to the queen of your heart

Ants are kindled with the same breath of life as you are

and if the tide has chosen to bring them to you

it surely hasn’t done for the wrong reasons

What is life trying to tell you?

What are ants striving to teach you?

They are tiny and weak

and yet they are so strong you cannot stop them all

You eyes look around with judgement and conceit

instead of focusing on the beauty of each thing

Your heart worries about imaginary threats

that will never undermine what you deeply believe in

and who you truly are

In truth, nothing that happens around you

can truly affect you

for you are not only a body or a person

but an infinite soul that is everywhere and behind everything

and the ants are messengers of your soul