Losing your way

Losing your way

Sometimes it’s important to accept losing your way

before finding it again

Sometimes it’s important to get lost into the forest

along which you’ve been walking

and for a moment close your eyes

and rely entirely on your feet to guide you

and when you open your eyes anew you find yourself

in an unknown place, an unknown direction

and you start walking again

When you feel your path is blocked

when your ideas are confused

when you are oppressed

just let life and fate take over for a while

surrender to the sweet voices of your cravings

explore them, embrace them, get lost into them

walk over and around mountains like a traveller who has lost his path

and lost his mind, accept your madness

accept of not making any sense

accept to be entirely wrong and to like it

accept everything you’ve been taught to despise and fear and hate

accept the unthinkable and the unbearable

accept this folly over and over again

until suddenly you feel saner and truer than you have ever been

and then it will mean that you have found your true path, your true self, at last

then it will mean that this journey is getting to an end

and that you will see the world from its top

from a perspective you had not thought possible