The Moustadiris

Well beyond the great mountains of Dië

lived the tribesmen of Aldië

who now go by the name of Moustadiris

They have called themselves after their first king Mousta

who for the first time unified all the tribes

and stopped the endless squabbles between them

Every year they now head again to a place called Aalameddir

where Mousta once lived

and built the first town of their nation

Most of the Moustadiris still live as herders and nomads

journeying across endless arid plains in the south, not far from the Myriadië ocean

but many of them are now settling along the Aalame river

in Aalameddir and in other settlements they have built

of the yellow and ochre bricks that the sand of their lands provides

The tribes of Aldië used to look up to the people of Falnë

admiring our culture and our snow capped mountains they saw in the distance

but the Moustadiris have lost that respect

their king Mousta has told before dying that all the lands between the Fyrië and the Myriadië oceans belonged to them, with the exception of Falnë

and that someday, when their numbers would grow they’d settle all over the continent

which he called Moustawyl in his own honour

You must now that in the Moustadiri language dir means fortress and wyl signifies island

Mousta also predicted to his people that Moustadir would wax like a pregnant moon

while Falnë would wane, and perhaps in thousands of years when all its people will be extinguished

then the Moustadiris will be able to settle even in their mountains and along their lakes

because the blood of Moustadiris is young, while the blood of Falnë is old and growing weaker

Thus the Moustadiris have started seeing us not as a great nation to admire

but as a crippled old man not far from his own grave

As you can hear it in our songs, sons and grandsons of Falnë

the Falnë you will know is but a pale version of Old Falnë

many of our greatest blessings have already gone extinct

and many others will be gone in coming years

Our only way to survive and perpetuate Falnë

is to remember it and sing it, and hope that one day it shall return

Sons and grandsons of Falnë, do not forget the learnings we pass on you

Do not forget nor disregard them, otherwise it will be your end

The history of our land, we try to engrave in our songs

and a few more words must be spent on king Mousta who has brought up many changes

he was a wise and a clever man, but he did not possess the wisdom and the blessing of Falnë

his coming has changed the fate of the Aldië who will build one of the greatest nation of the world

and become known and feared under the name of Moustadir, for many of them are much less wise than their king was

and their warmongering has already started at east and at west while our song has been sung for a generation or two

the Moustadiris are astute and clever in a way Falnë will never be

they build great machines and great buildings and bridges

and they do not hesitate to fell all the trees of the land to suit their purpose

and use their camels to cruelly fight against their brethrens

beware of the Moustadiris, beware of them, for their tongue is as poisonous as that of a snake

and their teeth are as dangerous as those of a hyena



About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!

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