Sailing to the land of my dreams

Sailing to the land of my dream

A long time ago I’ve sailed

and to the land of my dreams

I am headed

Sometimes the wind pushes me in a direction

and my will is too weak

my understanding too shaky

to oppose its force

At other times I am taken in storms

and overwhelmed under the weight of waves

and the fury with which they crash

on the hull, on my body

for I am the ship

And on some days suddenly my arms become powerful

my will strong

and I start to balance in rhythm with the waves and the wind

I know where I am headed

and I manoeuvre the rudder with ease

On these days everything becomes clear

and the landscape around me obeys my will

I imagine it, and it appears according to these pictures

and the only wind that blows is one that swells my sails

and I see far in the distance, and the sea opens its cryptic ways to me

At the other end of the world I am waiting for myself

While you are journeying on your own ship