The first words

The first men and women arrived to Falnë by the ocean

they erred in the sea at long, before seeing a land in the distance

They were caught in the middle of a storm, when suddenly the waters quieted all around them

Falnë was thus welcoming its first inhabitants

For the fair and the wise, Falnë opened its doors and wore its most beautiful mantle

The men and women first stepped on the sandy beach

and they were overwhelmed with the perfume of spring

after having erred for so long on the ocean, inhaling nothing but sea spray

their noses suddenly filled with the most exquisite perfumes

orange blossom and rosemary and almond flowers and hundreds of other flowers

they had never heard about were embalming the air

You are welcome here, dear journeyers, the deep voice of Falnë resounded in their ears

and the travellers were not surprised to hear the land talking to them

for in times of yore the world was more than it is today

My true name is Falnë, and you shall call me in this way

and if you love me as much as I love all the plants and the trees that grow in my bosom

if you love me as much as I love the animals and the birds and the fishes that I nurture

then I shall nurture you as one of them

and you shall call me land of abundance and fairness

If instead you are cruel and wicked among yourselves and with me

I shall fade away and shrink and become a barren piece of rock

for my only nourishment is the love that flows in the heart of all the creatures that I bear in my heart

and when fears overwhelm love, poison seeps into me

Hear me well, dear journeyers, and make out a song of my words

so your grand, grand children one day remember what I have first told you, and all what I have ever spoken

for now I shall go silent, and let you discover the land where you have landed



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