Sometimes you start drowning in your oppression

there’s a way out, a decision to take, a node to melt

but your present misery is so overwhelming

you can’t think of anything else

Left or right, yellow or red are choices you cannot make

so blurred is your vision, so tightened is your throat

letting no sound out

and your hands are too busy shaking to free your heart


Sometimes you need to walk away, positively

you need to take a hard decision and stick to it

you need to make up your heart and stand into

this new found conviction

one that lay dormant in you, waiting to blossom

and become a small shining jewel in your spine

move your hips and your knees, your ankles and your feet

in cadence with the rhythm of your heart

and let the light of all the jewels in your body

guide you toward the house and the garden

where a hearth is waiting you ablaze

and the table is laden with all you have ever desired

have the courage you move your feet and break the invisible bonds that are holding you back

and walk, walk, walk in freedom



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