Falling out of love

You sometimes meet a person

and fall in love with her

but as years pass, you and her change

and one day you realize there’s an unbridgeable gap between you

You might wonder why you’ve been with her in the first place

and you might despair about what you had thought wrought in the finest necklace of moonstone

when you see your bond rusted by the passage of time


You might curse yourself for having made the wrong choices

you might contemplate to meet love elsewhere

but remember my dear, all your choices were guided by your soul

even if your past choices brought to present suffering

they are not needless and erroneous

you did these choices because you needed, and still need, to grow

and sometimes, shadows, pain and anger and sufferings are desired

How can you truly understand unconditional love and divine light

when you have not journey in the darkness


In these times when you feel left out, when you feel unloved and when you cannot love

try to turn your focus inward

try to understand the lesson of faith and love your soul is trying to teach you

try to find and cultivate the beauty around you and in you

until love blooms anew, this time not as the blind love you knew in the past

but as a knowing love that embraces you and everyone else in its compassion



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