Giving and receiving

When you love, you give a lot

but you also expect to receive

when you give and you don’t receive

you feel an imbalance

and a sense of unfairness in your heart grows

But what is love

is love about giving, or about receiving, or both, or none

All answers are correct in a way and none are

Love is about giving, through yourself, not against yourself

Love is about creating, and rejoicing

You cannot love entirely as long as you don’t love yourself

Giving to others should make you feel joy

Give as much as your inspiration provides

without counting and without worrying about receiving

for there lies the path to happiness, the journey to yourself

and trust that one day, you shall receive as much as you have given

and tenfold more as you could have wished for

and your heart will be humbled before the immensity of love

when you shall look into your other half eyes

she or he who bears in her all the answers to your questions

then you shall know the true power of love

and notice how everything else around pales and withers

At the end, only love will remain

and your true core will shine

and you will create new worlds

marvelling before the beauty of your creations

and loving them unconditionally, loving them as much as you love me