Writing a story

Writing a story is not after all about the construction of a rigid frame

with the definition of a cast of characters and the description of some places where action takes place

No, the true essence of a story is to shift, to be constantly shaped and reshaped by the wind

the writer does not invent a story, he does not create a world

he rather travels to that world and brings back his impressions, his adventures, or the tales he hears there to his readers

the writer tries to recreate a world a reality he does not see but he perceives

at first, this reality is quite blurred and his knowledge of the worlds he writes about blurry

but as he journeys and sojourns there, as he writes page after page about them

the story starts taking a firmer shape, its contours start delineating, its colours and names and words become more assured, ringing truer to his ears

and then the story becomes ready to be told and read by others