Who we are and who is God

God is in each of us, or rather each of us is in God

God is the sum of all the souls that have been and will be created in the universe

God is love, infinite love, God is truth, infinite truth

Two attributes we possess in us, but need to cultivate in order to fully awaken our divine nature

Out of love and truth stem creation, magnificent creation that is more diverse and beautiful than any of us could imagine

And yet, each of us, each soul, is part of this creation, or that’s what I believe

The landscape around you is not just an inanimate geological thing open to the influence of meteorology

The landscape is alive, the landscape is painted by conscious hands, its story is written, its music is sung

Souls like you and me, who are entirely conscious of themselves, create it, imagine it, from the world of souls, from God

God had an infinity of heads, of arms, of hearts, of dreams, each painting, drawing, creating, imagining, healing, teaching

God is the love and the unity that exists between each of these diverse souls, because all their hearts beat with the same tune, all their hands work and create together

We still are young, dissonant souls incapable of creating the grandest of worlds

Yet in our small we are capable of creating things, beauty, on Earth, and in the spirit world

Slowly our creations become less of childish constructions and experiments and more of masterful weaving

Slowly God in us grows, and we grow in God

Until when we will know all things, until when past, present and future will all merge in us, until when the mind and heart of all souls and all creation will be known to us

Then we will be God, and at the same time we will still be us, an infinitesimal infinite part of God, with a heart, a mind and a consciousness creating along with all other souls

Imagine yourself playing a video game, you are the master of the game

Except, things are not inanimate, you have created each thing in this game, each tree, each bird, each planet, each soul, each human, each river

You love them all and shower them with love, but out of love you let them grow, you let them experiment, you let them have minds of their own, hearts of their own, dreams of their own

And you smile to yourself while watching them grow, year after year, life after life, the personages grow until they start creating in their turn, until they become fully aware and conscious of who they are, of their immortal infinite nature, until they step out of the game and join you behind the screen

Not in a cold dispassionate way, but with a profound love for all that has been created, and so much love, they now want to give life in their turn, together with you