There is a place in our mind

where love and happiness hide

it is an organ whose whisper is quiet

and it is hard to hear its voice among all others

it is a place from which you have to think

before its voice starts to dominate and quiet all others

it is called conscience, and it is there that consciousness stems

conscience registers everything that happens within the body, within the mind and the heart

and with the guidance of our soul it determines whether a thing is right or wrong

whether a thing comes from self-love, or from fear

therefore, to grow in consciousness a lot of experience is needed

one’s is supposed to do mistakes and err, because that is the only way to eventually recognize truth from falsehood, love from fear

with time, consciousness expands, and conscience becomes stronger

so strong it can impose its will, our soul will over our mind and our body

and when conscience is so strong it dominates all other instincts

when conscience meets infinity, then we become a perfect expression of our soul

we become who we are meant to be

and all the gifts and the dreams that lied dormant within us come to life

for there are no parts of shadows and darkness anymore that hide unexplored

only love that flows everywhere and brings light and warmth and understanding to each of our organs

bringing us to a long sought happiness