Yellow river

A yellow river connects all the towns of earth it flows in a whisper and sings of one place to another you can drop yourself there and to the current flow surrender travelling where your mind has never been whence only your heart dared dream    


Once upon a time there was not one sun but an infinity of them shining all over the sky Each person walking upon the land saw only her own sun guiding her path toward the realm of her dreams Nowadays the sun has become misleading and the world has forgotten the old way of looking … Continue reading Suns

Get lost

Have you ever tried flapping your wings and flying riding the winds like a bird will swimming in the currents above the tree tops from there you’d see much more from the world and quite differently too the houses and towns would seem so small compared to the clouds and the mountains and the oceans … Continue reading Get lost


Life has left scars on your skin and echoes of the past still resound in your heart you feel trapped into your mind, into your fears with no way to escape and set yourself free   Why don’t you look at the beauty of these scars instead of lamenting the remembrance of old pains can’t … Continue reading Scars


Pain takes two opposite manifestations solid and ethereal bright and dark dead and alive and yet both are of the same nature they share the same root they belong to the same wound to the same fear in want of love    


In the country of your dreams everything is blurred sometimes when you wander there and you cannot distinguish your wishes from the truth   One day you will wake up and everything will be clear around you and you will understand that your soul had known the truth all along    


Do not kill the ants that come visit your dwelling In their own way they are showing you the path to follow to your own ant hole to the queen of your heart Ants are kindled with the same breath of life as you are and if the tide has chosen to bring them to … Continue reading Ants

The sheep

Oh sheep of the land and of the mountain you have given your trust to the herdsman he tended you and fed you for long and you gave him your wool and your milk to warm and clothe and nourish his children And now the shepherd will take away your life and his pain will … Continue reading The sheep

The light of heaven

Page after page Layer after layer Life after life You are growing a little bit more into yourself and you are feeling a little more of the light of heaven upon your heart until when you start writing your true self and all your dreams become real      

A shadow of reality

Century after century the darkness grows and one day the world you will perceive around you will only be a shadow of what you call reality Then, your imagination, only your imagination will be able to show you the world as it truly is    

The shadow

A shadow fell on the land and on the heart of men what was green and pure and bright became spoiled this shadow did not have a physical form, it could not be seen and it could not be escaped from and the entire world started changing after it came under influence of this shadow … Continue reading The shadow


Lentils resemble their cousins the chickpeas however they do not need to be soaked before being used Place them in a pan and cover them generously with water for they are greedier than chickpeas In times of yore, lentils needed to be carefully sieved to remove tiny stones but in recent days, stones are usually … Continue reading Lentils


All year round dried chickpeas are eager to be cooked soak them in water one night long and the next morning throw that water away rinse them once before setting them in the pan and fill the pan with water to cover them Whatever vegetables grow in your garden, you can use and the more, … Continue reading Chickpeas


Sometimes the illusion of happiness is stronger than happiness itself Sometimes you are led astray by tangled feelings you fail to decipher Until when you learn the language of your own soul    


Cedars grow on the highest mountains To sprout, their seed needs to be buried in snow for all winter long From up there, cedars contemplate the entire world but they are closer from the sky and they can whisper all their thoughts to heaven    

The body

A knot in the throat is dissolved as the voice of the woman comes out a warmth spreads in the spine and reaches the head, the mind a decision is taken and warmth flows in the painful knee and the pain fades away   As liquid love runs like a golden river in all the … Continue reading The body


For so long your mouth has been held shut and your gaze empty But now, your presence has renewed itself and your body has gained a life it did not possess Speak up your mind, shout and cry and sing your heart out Look at the world with your new found vision can you see … Continue reading Flowering


Sometimes you start drowning in your oppression there’s a way out, a decision to take, a node to melt but your present misery is so overwhelming you can’t think of anything else Left or right, yellow or red are choices you cannot make so blurred is your vision, so tightened is your throat letting no … Continue reading Drowning


Sometimes I feel myself choking in indecisiveness there are too many possibilities that I can think of and none is convincing me truly, as my heart has grown mute and cold at those times I desperately want to retrieve myself, to return to life but my mind is shared in two or three pieces and … Continue reading Choking

The hard way

Oh my dear why have we chosen such a hard way to trod on I know it brings us to the realm of our dreams the fastest but sometimes I’m so empty and discouraged I’d prefer to go slower but through pleasanter paths    


Is your consciousness strong enough to transform your world into the reality you imagine and desire?   No, it isn’t yet, and that’s why everything around you is caught in the middle of a transformation that’s why the old and the new are still superimposed preventing you from seeing the true    

Saving myself

I shall not wait for you to save me I will save myself on my own recognizing the colour of my emotion painting and writing it until you feel it on the beat of the drums in the background and the purest of songs lighting my heart with its melody    

Open landscape

Once you lay down your barriers your soul becomes an open landscape where all four winds can blow as they will instead of walls and gates and towers there’s an endless stretch of grass swaying under the rolling clouds you’d wish for more than wild fields but the new town that will surge must not … Continue reading Open landscape


As long as my deepest will is unclear as long as I do not remember every moment what I truly want of life the landscapes around which I’m walking will lack definition pretty or dreary hills may pass me by, where I’ll find delight and torment but true joy and happiness and beauty will keep … Continue reading Unclearness


Don’t remain standing over precipices with one foot from each side of the cliff Don’t remain stuck in your indecision to heal Each and every part of your body should know so well what you desire that it becomes a song to rehearse and sing at every moment      


A revelation has struck me we have always been writing together two hands, two hearts, connected by an invisible bond even when we write to ourselves guarding jealously our texts we are in fact corresponding and weaving our own stories in words   That is how we are constructing the path toward the peak of … Continue reading Revelation

Fragment of a world

Only a fragment of the world has been revealed to my eyes there is a tree, casting its reflections on the soil the ground appears to be watery or hazy, rather than solid as you’d expect it and I’m left wondering if it is an island, or a mountain cloud    

Doubting myself

I want to stop doubting myself I want my hand not to be limited by my thoughts I want to stop questioning what is right and what is wrong I want to stop falling prey to discouragement and lassitude I want to live in full consciousness at all time    


For my current self, there are things that are right and others that are wrong the former bring me balance and happiness, making me feel in harmony with myself and others the latter bring me distress and emptiness, making me doubt everything and you that is how I can distinguish the ones from the others … Continue reading Boundaries

Reaching out

I still do not accept your silence, nor my insistence I still do not accept that you and I base our decisions on how much energy we have And I will never accept it Only right decisions are true and acceptable Our energy level cannot dictate how we live You will tell me that this … Continue reading Reaching out

Sinking town

The town is slowly sinking in an ocean of green forests, bushes, hills and pastures are rising and covering the built a few buildings are still lit from within standing above the deep waters but soon everything will be gone everything but my home There I will stand, like a survivor in the midst of … Continue reading Sinking town


The baobab of my soul slowly sprouts for thousands of years it pumped water, life experience after life experience and it received plenty of sunlight, showered in divine love love and experience marrying and blending to let the tree grow ever taller toward the sky and let the roots expand ever deeper and wider, tapping … Continue reading Baobab


Where are you Where have you been all this time I am an empty shell deprived of a soul, deprived of a heart the memory of my poetry has stayed but all my essence is gone colors remain but they are directionless waiting for you, for you, to show them the way to wave your … Continue reading Dreaminess

The node

There is a node toward which everything is converging all the threads that have been trapping me meet there it is a tree that connects my shadows and my fears and my wounds it is a dot in my spirit that creates so much smoke and gravel and noise it prevents from listening to the … Continue reading The node

Glazed stars

As long as I do not behave in harmony with my soul as long as I am not faithful to whom I truly am I won’t be happy and my dreams will remain a distant chimera For that, I need to well-understand where my true self lies and where my shadows begin    

Light washed

For a moment the sky of my mind has been washed with light blueness has vanished, and clouds have drifted away leaving me with a dazing impression of the path to follow