Letting go of fears

Fears are everywhere, literally everywhere

as we often counterbalance one fear with another

one excess with its counterpart

how to get rid of them, how to get rid of them all

how to find a balance between all our contradictory instincts and emotions

how to reach happiness and remain in that perfect place

instead of being tossed around life like a fallen leave in the wind

how to enter a place of timelessness where beauty rules

and earthly mundanities such as money and time and distance have no effect


The answer is in your very body, the answer lies within the secret song of your heart

tune off all the contradictory voices that give you a headache every day

and focus, focus very hard on the music your heart is composing

let it reverberate through your limbs, in your arms, in your legs and in your shoulders

let it reach your head and your mind and your jaws and your lips

instead of speaking regular unmusical words, sing along with the tune beating in your heart

instead of thinking about the anguishes that have kept you trapped for so long, compose beautiful melodies that will make your body dance in joy

instead of hunching your back and crossing your arms and keeping your legs rooted to the ground all day long, make yourself light and free and allow your body to move and dance like ever

give yourself love, in each small act give yourself and the world love, as the two go hand in hand

the more you love yourself, the more you love others

and the more you love others, the more you love yourself

and the more you love, the less fears and anguishes you have crippling your daily existence