Eincyg (10) – Leaving for a while

When it rains, the isle of Cyg sometimes disappears in haze and clouds for days.

A day after a storm, as I was strolling aimlessly across Eincyg, I noticed a strong wind was clearing the sky. I decided to go up to the temple and the library observation point, where I had met her. Of course she wasn’t there, since we looked at one another eyes in the forest one month ago I haven’t met her again. I stood motionless and watched the clearing sky, and listened to the wind playing with the newly formed leaves in the trees. Slowly the world regained its colours. The sky cleared, but Cyg remained wrapped in blankets of clouds. It’d take more time for it to become visible again. The Creigards that stood in the distance were also home to many large sprawling clouds that rested there to escape the wind’s imperiousness.

The next day as I looked from my window I saw Cyg had become slightly visible, in between the clouds.

I still felt sluggish and heavy at the idea of crossing the Ghost Bridge, so I avoided even thinking of it, forgetting why I had come to Eincyg.

But that day I had an inspiration. I wanted to return to the sacred forest where I had gone with you. Yes I realize I’ve been writing these thoughts that are too patchy to be a diary even to you. Even if I saw you only three times in my life, I know you are the one I love, the one I loved and will always love.

So I wanted to return to the sacred forest, but I thought of going further, much further into the forest, till the plateaux of Eldiroed perhaps, because it was a forest different from all what I had known and I had a strong feeling that perhaps I’d find another lost piece of myself there.

So I started packing my stuff for a several days walk. Bought some bread and fruits and baked some biscuits to bring with me, and I decided I’d leave the next day in the morning. I watered my plants generously so they wouldn’t thirst too much in my absence. And I slept early, to be rested the next morning when I’d leave.