The queen and the king

The queen and the king-

The queen and the king face one another

each standing in his own quarter

sometimes the king comes to invite her to dance

but the queen declines politely

other times the queen comes to stroke the king’s cheek ever so slightly when he sleeps

and when early morning the king asks her if she has visited him in the night, she denies it all

it saddens the king, but as he’s not very skilled at shedding tears, he starts screaming and storming against the poor queen

treating her of all the possible attributes, accusing her of all his ailments

and the queen does not say anything, listening to his diatribes in silence

and when he’s done she just shakes her head and looks somewhere else

toward the sea channel, avoiding the gaze of her king

and the king falls silent too, his heart of stone a bit heavier

making him lean a bit further into his fall

the queen too is sad, but she does not let her sadness out, nor does she admit it in

she keeps it trapped midway between her heart and her eyes, in her throat