The black hole

The black hole

After one year and a half of struggle

I finally understood what the black hole was

I painted it

it is a place in your mind where colors get corrupted

instead of having beautiful hues of green, blue, yellow, red or violet

they all superimpose in black and brown pools

The black hole is a place of extreme anguish

a place where emotions are so deep and complex

where so many emotions cohabit together

that they’re undigested and stored there

thus the black hole grows with time and all the unwanted feelings, the unwanted memories

that end up there, producing quite a stench of colors and scents

There’s only one way to destroy this black hole

by preventing it to receive new, raw emotions

by forcing yourself to understand these feelings instead of rejecting them

once you start embracing your deeper emotions, the black hole will run out of fuel, of colors

and the strong winds that blow around will make it disappear in the blink of an eye

revealing some old, shriveled memories

reawakening old tears that had been stored instead of falling from your eyes

making your heart considerably lighter