Lore of races

There are more races dwelling in the world

than a song can tell

but these verses are an attempt to carve in words

all the knowledge our forefathers held

combined with that we’ve discovered


First and foremost lives the man

anywhere you find a piece of land, a mountain, a hill, an island, a plain

there are high chances you will encounter men and women

and that you will stumble upon their villages and their towns

humans need water surrounding them, quenching their thirst and that of their cities

but they do not like to live in water, so you won’t cross any underneath the oceans

except if they’ve found a way to drain the ocean, or build an island in its midst, or dig its underground

for humans are the keenest ones on techniques and technology

and they won’t hesitate to transform and destroy the land to fulfil their own purposes


Not all men are as dangerous as the worst of them

some are very wise, and have other ways to master nature than machines and techniques

while others are too ignorant, and still live in ways closer to nature

but the most dangerous wage wars against one another

with terrible engines of destruction, spitting fire, dropping huge iron ores that explode and can transform in rubbles the tallest towers they build

these men have transformed the land in maps with borders and territories they consider theirs


The men that are not wise know quite little about other races of people


Races of people