Misty Knight

Oh valiant knight

it is your duty to command your men and inspire them

and become their sun in this mist

if your heart doubts your distant king

how will your men follow you?


Light a fire and eat a hearty meal

and then ride to battle and death and glory

and know that your king will be with you in thought

and more than in thought, in heart and soul

and even when your enemies bear the colors of your king

don’t fall into their trap, but attack nonetheless

attack to kill or be killed

attack to conquer and bring glory to your men and your king

and once you have cleared the land of the dark vermine

he will be there, nobly riding his own horse

welcoming you and congratulating you

and the princess in you will be elevated in queen

and you will let down your knight attires

to wear a wedding dress

and say another oath, after the oath of valiance and bravery

the most important oath there is in this world

the oath of truth and love

and you will ride across the sunny plains not to war anymore

but to watch the forests and the birds and the marshlands

and be a witness to the divine creation