Falling in love

One paint stroke after another

the painting takes shape

for months and months the painter and the paintress have painted this canvas

slowly, slowly one stroke after another


Now suddenly the strokes accelerate, a dance of hands and brushes

and the meaning of the canvas has become so clear and striking

the paintress and the painter were painting love together

without knowing it, yet knowing it

they were slowly weaving their love in shapes and colors and worlds and images

and suddenly, the painter sees the truth of his heart before his eyes, a truth that the paintress had already intuited

and he is stricken like he has never been

something he thought would never happen occurs

and for a moment, he looks from the canvas to the paintress

and he stares into her eyes

and there he reads the deepest understanding, the truest love, he has ever felt in his life

and the paintress witnesses the changes on his face, his face she had always imagined

becomes true, full of light and gentleness and faith and dreams