Clearing view

Clearing view

The strong winds that have blown over my spirit during the last months cleared the sky and the sea from the haze that drowned me in perpetual grayness. I finally can see the views surrounding me in their true colors, at least when I try hard enough to. I finally rediscovered how to differentiate the wrong from the right, love from shadows. And I understand that my destiny had been all along in my own hands, but that I didn’t have enough knowledge, enough wisdom, to act as wisely and lovingly as I’d have wished. Now that the haze is gone, life has rewarded my efforts, and it also has placed me in a situation where I know that each of my acts counts, can make a difference, can tip the balance. Only through the strength of my own will, the perfection of my own understanding, the cultivation of my own wisdom will I heal and become the person I dream to be. Excuses and feebleness are shadows. When an oath is spoken, there is no valid reason to bend or break it. An oath is here to ensure that progress will be made every single day, that the root of each anguishes and oppressions will be explored and healed.


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