Violet mountain

Violet mountain

Do you remember the house where I was trapped

this house full of secrets and mystery, this house where I could get lost for hours and hours

as if it were a world

this house where I did not lack of anything, of anything

but your presence

I could go on for days and months, exploring new passages, rooms, ceilings, undergrounds

boughs to pass from tree to tree, letting my imagination roam freely

but I was missing one thing dearly, someone who dwelled in another house like mine

you, you who dwelled there with all your secret rooms and wild life trapped between walls, parted from me

for days, I tried to find the passage connecting your house with mine, hoping, praying that this passage existed

for days, I erred through all the rooms of my house like a ghost, looking for a false wall, a movable stone, whatever could mean a place I had not visited yet

but in vain, in vain, I remained trapped

until I decided that I couldn’t do anything, that all was hopeless, and I went to sleep

The next morning I walked without hurry to the breakfast room, and then to the watch tower, and finally I went down to the well

and there, where I had always thought the wall was sealed, I saw a little rabbit

I followed him as he run in fright, and suddenly I found myself in a new gallery I had never explored

what was this little rabbit doing there, I could not tell, as it had already escaped from my view

but I crouched then crept in the narrow gallery for a while until it became larger and I could walk

soon I saw this was a new world of its own I had discovered

there was the house realm and the tree realm, and now the underground realm I had always ignored

I walked on and passed through several large rooms with high ceilings dug into the rock

I went on and on without knowing if I was going up or down, as the passages were quite of the meandering type, turning at sharp angles

I walked on until I reached a lake, an underground lake

the water there was beautiful, full of magic and thought and purity

I drank a bit of water, and it seemed to make my vision clearer, my mind sharper, and it cooled me after my efforts through the gallery maze

and there I saw a little boat waiting for me, a boat with an oar for me to move

I didn’t hesitate before leaping onto the small boat, now after the underground realm I was discovering a fourth world

the realm of water, two new worlds in a day, when for my whole life I had known only two worlds

that was incredible, but everything around was so beautiful and brought me so much joy that I didn’t linger much on these thoughts, and focused on taking all this beauty in

the carved rocks, the high ceiling getting even higher, the crystalline water of turquoise and green, the mist that seemed to form in the distance

I started rowing slowly, and the boat moved easily through the lake

it was a succession of small lakes connected with canals and galleries, I soon noticed

I continued on and on, going toward the distant mist, but the mist kept on eluding me

and suddenly I saw a blinding light instead of the mist

and I rowed toward it, and before I knew I had left the underground world, and I found myself on a very large lake with the sky as only ceiling

the sun was high and the sky entirely cloudless, of a deep blue

I rowed for a time, until the sun lowered toward the horizon, and the sky became orange and purple and turquoise and gray

and then, only then, did I notice the distant mountain that was growing closer and closer

it was of a deep violet hue I had never seen anywhere else

a mountain, a fifth realm to discover, what did it hide I wondered

a mountain, so tall and mighty and awing

could her house, your house, hide there in these violet mountains

did you dominate all the world from your adobe seeing the lake and the hills above my underground and my little house lost over the plain from above

did you make your hide between the earth and the sky, where the clouds lie

and as the night absorbed all the colors from the world, I rested on my cushion

eager to find out about the mountain realm after another night of healing sleep