Secret House

Secret house

It is a house with so many rooms

and ladders and wall stairs to climb between floors

there are secret passageways and the path to some rooms resembles that of a maze

as you have to go up and down to find them

there are tall trees too, in the garden

pointing their boughs toward the balconies and the windows

offering passage between the house and the trees

there’s an entire realm here, the dream of a child to live in a place so diverse and creative

he can hide and get lost, he can play freely without having to bridle the least bit his imagination

There’s another house too, but that is more a legend than a real observed fact

a secret passageway, or several, exist between the two houses

the child has never found them, even if he can feel something in some places

as a distant echo of wind blowing or fire crackling

he wakes up every morning, with the thrill of a secret to discover, another world to explore