Wrecked Town

Wrecked Town

An old town lies ahead

one that has not been visited since a long time

it was beautiful and thriving once

but it’s been abandoned ages ago

and the very stone it was made from has crept

in distorted patterns and grotesque figures

sowing fear in the nearby countryside


Someone coming from afar notices there’s something very wrong in these deviant shapes

a town gone mad made of cancer cells

and yet underneath all these buildings that resemble more the skin of a dragon now

there’s an unalterable truth, the heart of the city that will never change

and if all the rubble was taken away, the heart would shine with a renewed intensity

and a new city of brilliant stone would sprout and delight the countryside with its beauty



Why is this sickly ruin still preventing love from blossoming

the memory of pain, stamped somewhere in your body

blocks the warmth of your soul from thawing your heart

as long as I will not have entire faith in life and truth

your faith in love will not be sufficient to let go of that memory, from loving again